The Santa Adventures – new e-book for children with a Sligo twist!

On Wednesday 12th December an exciting new children’s Christmas story was launched as an e-book. It can be found through the accompanying website ‘’ and will be available from for the price of £2.49 for download to Kindle Fire, i-pad and smart phones..

The Magic Blue Ice Cubes tells the tale of a disaster that befalls Santa and his helpers just a few days short of Christmas Eve and his epic annual journey. The story unfolds when Rudolph discovers that North Pole ice cap has melted and with it the magic blue ice needed by the reindeers to allow them fly the sleigh on Christmas Eve. Without their magic drink Santa will be stuck and unable to deliver any presents to the good girls and boys of the world.

The clever little elves are mustered to rescue the situation. Their mission: To travel to the top of the bottom of the world and bring back blue ice from The Great Blue Glacier of Chile. Unable to go overland or fly the elves journey takes from Santa’s castle basement down 999 steps to the hot centre of the earth to find the tip of South America.

The story is written and illustrated with colourful hand drawings by the Sligo born architect, John Dorman. John has been writing these Santa adventures for over 25 years to his nieces and nephews. Now one of his early recipients, his niece and fellow architect Eliz Clyne, has designed and published one of the adventures as an ebook.

The adventures are written in the style of a letter from Santa to children who spins them a yarn.

The website is fully illustrated with drawings and information on Santa’s Castle, the reindeer, elves and rolling news from the North Pole.

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Image Caption: Orla Callaghan exploring The Santa Adventures on an iPad

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